Beast Agenda 2030 Press Kit

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  • Developer: Ouch Giver Games; Based in Oregon

  • Publisher: Ouch Giver Games

  • Release Date: Early Access began March 26 2019

  • Platforms: Steam

  • Website:

  • Price: $14.99

  • Availability: Digital Download

  • Languages: English

  • File Size: ~1 Gigabyte

  • Press Contact:

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In 2028, they surfaced. They claimed to be the ancient alien progenitors of the human race. They rode in on a Trojan Horse of advanced knowledge and a peaceful World Government. They were, to all who believed, the Saviors of the Earth and all mankind. The truth was that these tentacled abominations came from the bottomless depths of The Sea, chained up for thousands of years, and unshackled in these final days.
They promised a new age of enlightenment and directed evolution, if only one accepted their authority and took their Mark. Those who refused were exiled to the island of Fleece, to live unhindered, yet disconnected from the rest of the "enlightened" world. By 2030 all the Earth was claimed. Now their army has come for Fleece. The remaining few Resisters are fighting to survive and ultimately escape the New World Order.              




  • Hack, sneak, and loot your way through procedurally generated cities!

  • Purchase tons of skills you unlock by rescuing survivors!

  • Perk system to complement the skill system that allows you to mix and match perks!

  • Crafting system that allows you to make what you need when you need it!

  • Interacting systems based gameplay allows you to think outside of the box to complete objectives!

  • Choose story mode or free play mode. Add permadeath for a true roguelite experience!

  • Find and complete mini-investigation missions while exploring the world

  • Rescue fellow Resisters, that allow the player to employ and level up new abilities!

  • Give survivors assignments that will make missions easier, or send them out to acquire resources!

  • With no options for direct combat you must use what you can scavenge, be stealthy and use your brain to finish your mission!

  • Acquire missions, level up, and buy equipment in your sewer base!

  • Complete mission goals to acquire components to build your submarine and escape the grasp of the New World Order!

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Ouch Giver Games was founded in 2015 by husband and wife Mark and Kellie Giuntini.

Mark Giuntini: Lead Developer, Music, Sound Effects, Art, Story, Programming.

Kellie Giuntini: Art, Story.

Cricket Cat and Pixel Jean: Lazy cats.

Pinky Pearl: Busy Fish.

The Team
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